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Great Britain and the Euro zone fundamental news reports out yesterday can only be described as atrocious. The German ZEW (Consumer Confidence) result (-3.8 points) wiped out any Monday Euro gains and now German growth forecasts have been cut. The Euro suffered appropriately. How many traders and investors bought the British Pound after the Scottish Independence vote was decided, thinking, wow, now the Pound will really strengthen? Great Britain’s inflation data missed expectations annihilating the Sterling currency by a whopping 200 pips against the US Dollar. Other currencies to get hit were the Swedish Krona and how about the Norway’s NOK. Norway’s economy has relied upon their tremendous Oil reserves but as prices in Oil have declined it has placed Norway in GDP trouble, as the Krona has slid in value over the past 6 months which relates directly to when the price of Oil started dropping.

According to AT Partnerships, both the New Zealand Kiwi and the Aussie Dollar did not fare well yesterday and gave up all Monday gains. The general theme with the Aussie is that it is still overvalued and with an investing “risk off” environment, further weakness is to be expected, also, the RBA not too concerned as a weak Dollar is good for exports.

The Canadian Dollar, the CAD, is also a commodity currency with huge developing Oil reserves (Alberta – tar sands) which cost a lot more money to extract and separate the Oil from the sand than standard drilling. Now with Oil dropping so much in price, it puts many companies in jeopardy as their profit margin dwindles. July 01 was the day the CAD started it spiral down against the US Dollar losing a value of 7 dollars over the next four months. Other OIL shale companies, especially in the US, will start feeling the fear as another 3 Dollar OIL price drop yesterday will intensify debate around oil Company board meetings no doubt!

So when it looked like the mighty US Dollar was showing some cracks, it has quickly and efficiently silenced any doom-sayers, so far this week anyway. The Dollar was stronger against most all currencies yesterday and upon Asian open is not slowing down.

September and October have really increased the importance of news releases and its affect on price surges and volatility. This is not a surprise to investors as seasonality plays a large part in their strategies. Today will be no exception, as ECB’s Draghi speaks, unemployment changes out of Great Britain, retail and Inflation data from the United States will all surely rock the currency markets to and fro.

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French PM Resigns & Canadian Dollar Gains
By AT Partnerships | Posted 28 Aug 2014
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European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, is quite a showman, he is juggling so many factors of the European economy such as deflation, debt, bankruptcies of banks, plus some countries now blaming other countries for their own financial woes.

The latest debacle was the French Prime Minister’s resignation and then throwing verbal grenades at Germany for their austerity programs (reducing budget deficits) affecting the French economy. This is huge news and puts Germany under pressure but as Germany says, “What, and President Hollande’s extreme socialist policies have no effect on French economics?” This puts extra strain on the Euro currency and the viability of maintaining a 16 country connection to it. The Euro was heading lower yesterday and hit 1.3152 US but had a nice bounce on comments coming out of Germany about fiscal policies over a delayed stimulus package by Draghi. No one heard a ‘Thank You’ coming out of France.

The markets were flat and listless in light trading volumes due mostly to investor’s ongoing geopolitical concerns in Ukraine (new Russian offensive) and Gaza. The S&P has had a good month, up 3.6 %. European shares were steady.

The Canadian Dollar stole the currency show for Wednesday gaining against all major currencies. Today has important German data coming out on CPI, inflation news that can have an effect on the Euro and later from the States, Gross Domestic Products news along with Unemployment figures, all red tag events.

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Euro Stabilizes & AUD Has a Terrible Week

By AT Partnerships | Posted 15 Sep 2014

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The Australian dollar had an absolutely terrible week, falling four days in a row against the US dollar, Euro and NZ Dollar. Some weak Chinese data also helped keep the Aussie down. The Aussie has gapped down upon the Asian open. The US Dollar overall had some mixed results but retained its strength for the most part. So the weakest currencies across the board were the Aussie, NZL and the Yen as the Euro stabilized with some comments from Draghi; that they are ready to take further action to push ahead for structural reforms for investment and growth. The Euro actually finished higher against the Dollar on Friday and gapped slightly up upon this week’s opening.

This week traders will be focused on Wednesday’s Fed meeting as it will announce its latest Monetary Policy. If the Fed changes any wordings regarding interest rates or tapering, the market could sell off and get ugly. Thursday has the monumental referendum voting day for Scottish Independence. A yes vote would send financial shockwaves around the world and decimate the GBP. The gap between “YES” and “NO” vote has narrowed over the weekend and as of this moment is too close to call. Now the Queen is getting involved with her “two bobs” worth of sentiment, saying that Scotland should think very clearly about the negatives of a separation.

Stock markets were generally down last week as the Dow and S&P showed slight losses. There were no major sell-offs but just concern over what the Fed will be saying this Wednesday. In Europe, the Dax has been on fire for the month of September but on Friday it also had a down day but again no major selling was involved. Europe has only one major announcement coming out this week on Tuesday, the German ZEW Economic Sentiment, a survey of 275 German Investors and analysts relating to a 6 month economic outlook for Germany. This can really affect the sensitive Euro.

Many Central Bankers from around the world are meeting in Cairns Australia this week. Mark Carney of the Bank of England made it perfectly clear he will be back home in time for the Scottish vote. The latest information has 23% Scottish voters still undecided which is surprisingly quite a high number.

Geopolitically, things are ramping up in the Middle East again as now there are many Arab nations offering to join the US in bombing the militants in Iraq after US Secretary of State, John Kerry, wrapped up meetings in Saudi Arabia this weekend. Reports coming out today have ISIS (ISIL) wanting to ultimately gain control of the important Suez Canal, something Egypt and others would not allow. Interesting times ahead this week that can affect currency and Stock Markets, Gold, all in the instant of a News Flash.

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Partnerships at Work

Partnerships at Work
Dr. Arron Carter, Assistant Professor and Winter Wheat Breeder at Washington State University discusses a new formed partnership with the Biology Department at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

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Political vocabulary and expressions in English

Political vocabulary and expressions in English
Learn vocabulary and phrases so that you can talk about politics and understand the news! I’ll teach you new words and expressions to talk about government, elections, and policy. Is the candidate for president in your country promising to cut the crime rate? Is your president proud of the economic boom in your country. Like the video to vote for me, Benjamin!
Take the quiz on this lesson here:


Hi, there, guys. I thought I’d better dress up and put my glasses on today because I have decided to enter politics. Today’s class, we’re doing political collocations. “Collocations” — what a long, funny word. What does it mean? Well, “co” generally means “with”, and “location” is a place. So “with place”. Political word that go together. So “enter”, you often find with politics or center management or a new thing. Okay? “Enter politics.” “Today, I decided to enter politics.” Great? Got it? “To enter politics.” Obviously, you can form this verb. “He entered politics when he was 17.” So we can have the past, “he entered”. Or you can have the future, “He will” — you probably wouldn’t say “enter”, though. You’d probably say “get into”. “He will probably get into politics when he’s older.” Okay? “He will” — blah, blah, blah. So “enter”, present and past, generally.

Now, “to hold” — “hold”. “I’m holding a pen.” You can also “hold” a general election. It means organize, make sure there is a general election, okay? So David Cameron will hold a general election next year or the year after. I should know. I don’t. “To hold a general election.” So often, we’re going to use that with the future tense, “will hold”. Or you could do it with the past tense. “A general election was held in 1992.” So, “A general election was held.” Okay? So you’ve got an irregular verb there.

Now, “to stand for something”. If you want to become an important person, you need to stand for positions of authority and importance. “To stand for the presidency.” Yeah, I’m standing here right now, but you can “stand” for a position. So “to stand” for the presidency, if you’re in North America. Or in the UK, we might say “stand for the position of prime minister”. But normally, you would get voted. People are going to say, “You, you, you.” Okay? You don’t normally put yourself forward for the prime minister position.

“To launch a campaign.” I’m launching a rocket into space, okay? I’m beating the Russians. I’m beating the Americans. Benjamin, EngVid, launching a space rocket. Okay? But we can also use “launch” with a “campaign”. Notice the funny spelling, the -aign, but it’s pronounced “cam-pain”. Okay? One of those words where the spelling doesn’t look like the sound of the word. “To launch a campaign”, a campaign. So I might put posters up all over London saying — I wouldn’t do this, okay, because I’m not, you know, an idiot, but, “Vote for Boris Johnson.” Okay? I put a campaign. “Everyone, do this. Do this.” It’s a campaign. I want people in London to do this. A campaign. I want them to take action. I really wouldn’t do that. No.

“To win an election”, okay? You “win” or “lose” an election. The labor party might win the next general election in the UK. That’s my little prediction. Have a little bet on me. “To win an election”, right? Okay? Win or lose it. You don’t — in football, we talk about winning or losing or drawing. You don’t really draw an election, unless you’re David Cameron, in which case you sort of have a bit of a partnership with Nick Clegg. Okay.

“To serve four years as” — of course, the number doesn’t have to be four. It could be seven. So you could say, “I served for several years on a committee.” Okay? So this is just a number that you put in and then what it is that you did. So, “I served five years as a trivia quiz host in London.” Okay? I’m serving. It’s an act of giving.

I’m cutting up my meat for my dinner. But you can also “cut the crime rate”. Yeah? If you’re in an inner city ghetto, you need the crime rate to be cut so there are fewer muggings. Yeah? “Cut crime” — yeah, this is bad activity. “Rate” — how often it happens. If you cut it, it happens less. “To cut the crime rate.”

Now, I might want to leave politics. Yeah? We talk about “leaving” — exiting. You wouldn’t say, “I exit politics.” “I leave politics to pursue” — that’s a lovely word. Let’s get that up on the board. “To pursue” — to do something else. Right? Good. Try and use this word. It’s one of my favourites.

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Sam Williams, Building Unlikely Partnerships

Sam Williams, Building Unlikely Partnerships
The Church has the Good News, but the Church is not the only organization in your city who cares about people.
Video 10 in the video series: A Gospel Movement Framework

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What Is the Diffrence Between The Partnerships? Moab Gameplay.

What Is the Diffrence Between The Partnerships? Moab Gameplay.
Youtube Partnerships, Machinima partnerships, Thegamestation Partnerships and Yeousch partnerships.

KenBurton (uk machinima respawn community manager) here:



Hope this helps you guys. My channel here:

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Strategic Partnerships for IDA Programs (3.7.2012)

Strategic Partnerships for IDA Programs (3.7.2012)
Would you like to learn how potential partnerships can help improve your program outcomes? Want to know what kind of organizations and programs are considered natural partners for IDA programs? Join us to hear from IDA practitioners that have improved their clients’ outcomes by leveraging existing resources in their communities.

This hour-long webinar will include:

• Effective partnerships that can improve your program outcomes and your participants’ success rate
• Accountability systems that promote effective partnerships
• State wide initiatives and programs that are considered natural partners for IDA programs
• Leveraging volunteers for your IDA program


• Rebekah Barger, IDA Program Manager, Neighborworks Umqua
• Other speakers to be confirmed
• Johanna Barrero, AFI Resource Center (moderator)

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REL Forum: Exploring Collaborative Research Partnerships with Sites in the Northeast

REL Forum: Exploring Collaborative Research Partnerships with Sites in the Northeast
Beyond the eight research alliances at REL Northeast & Islands, our region is home to several collaborative researcher–practitioner partnerships. This webinar includes short presentations on two of these collaborations and for a discussion on creating mutualism and intentional strategies to strengthen researcher–practitioner partnerships. This event is part of a webinar series on collaborative research and builds on forums hosted by REL Northeast & Islands in December 2013, May 2014, and October 2014, and by REL Northwest in April 2013.

The content of this video does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Institute of Education Sciences or the U.S. Department of Education, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

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